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Are you searching for a dental clinic For Tooth Extraction in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune? if yes then this is your destination. Dr. Manish Pathak holds a post-graduate diploma in endodontics from Delhi university, provides affordable Tooth Removal Services in Pune.

In Indian tooth extraction is one of the most common dental treatment which is often chosen by the patient to get rid of tooth pain, though saving the tooth is always a better option sometimes it becomes impossible to save the tooth and hence extraction is only the option to make sure patients doesn’t have to go through that pain.

Tooth extraction which is often performed by a dentist is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia but then sometimes if the anatomy of the tooth is complicated it may be a bit difficult procedure to perform. We often say each tooth is different and shall be treated differently.

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Tooth Extraction Pune

When shall your dentist ask you to extract your tooth:

  • When the tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment

  • In the case of wisdom tooth

  • When only root pieces are left

  • Patient is not willing to save the tooth

Precautions after tooth extraction:

✔ Make sure to keep the cotton that the dentist place after extraction for a maximum of one hour

✔ After one hour have ice-cream

✔ Do not spit or rinse the entire day as it may provoke bleeding

✔ Avoid hot, hard, and spicy food

✔ Do not consume any sort of beverage

✔ Do not smoke or consume alcohol

✔ Apply icepack after every two hours on the day of the extraction

✔ A day later start gargling with warm water with salt or use Betadine 2% for gargling

✔ Go for regular follow up

✔ Get the tooth fixed

Complication during or after extraction:

  • Sometimes during extraction complication may occur if anesthesia is not given properly but those complication are resolved within few hours

  • In patients with compromised systemic condition extraction can sometimes cause major complication hence all the patients shall inform their dentist about their systemic condition especially those on blood thinners and diabetes as after extraction it becomes difficult to control bleeding and sometimes it may be fatal

  • Patients with high bp or low bp issue shall inform their dentist as the dentist shall then use anesthesia without adrenalin

  • Make sure to have your meal or snacks before going to the dentist as sometimes the patients faint due to inadequate glucose

  • Patients who are apprehensive are more to go under syncope but then the dentist are trained to manage such complications

  • Patients shall make sure to give detail medical history to their dentist prior to the procedure

  • Sometimes the tooth does not comes out completely so the dentist may take time to remove so be patient.

  • After extraction, some patients may experience ulcers that happen either during the needle injection or instrument trauma.

  • Severe pain after extraction may result from a dry socket which the dentist shall manage by applying Zoe pack and prescribing some analgesic and antibiotic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are teeth extractions?

Teeth extractions are surgical procedures that remove a tooth from the mouth.

Q.How painful is a tooth extraction?

Pain is normal after the anesthesia wears off. You should also expect swelling and some bleeding for 24 hours after the tooth is pulled.

Q.Do tooth extractions require stitches?

No, tooth extractions and tooth removals do not require stitches unless you have torn your gums or injured your mouth. Tooth extractions don't require stitching because the extraction will pull itself out as soon as the force is given.

Q.When should a tooth be extracted?

In dentistry, extraction refers to the complete removal of a tooth from its socket. This may be done for a variety of reasons, including infection, damage, trauma, or the need for another procedure.

Q.How much does a tooth extraction cost in Pune?

Tooth Removal cost varies between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500. Cost is depending on the type of tooth extractions i.e. simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction.

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