Till date we only thought that dental clinic or dentist only comes in picture when we have damaged tooth or teeth or if there’s pain the tooth which needs immediate attention of a doctor. But dentists not only can help you with your toothache or make up your smile beautiful and white, now they can even accessorize it, yes! Now a days this tread of ‘DENTAL JEWELERY‘ is seeing a rapid gain in popularity.

Where a jewel of your choice can be put on your teeth (preferably front facing teeth) that shows itself while smiling. Such a styling of your teeth makes it more unique and fashionable. These are attached to the surface of the tooth using adhesive in the place well selected by the patient and the dentist. Jewel can be real or artificial, small or large as per the patient’s choice. There is no drilling involved in temporary dental jewellery placed also it might come out with external forces falling upon it. Permanent jewellery is done with the help of placement of full crown.

Permanent jewel on the front tooth might require minimal drilling so that the jewel gets merged with the surface of the tooth, hence increasing the longevity of the jewel. Most common teeth involved for dental jewellery are upper right or left lateral incisor or upper right or left canine. Another example of tooth jewellery is in the case of diastema. Diastema is a single space / gap between your upper front teeth. Luckily now you can style it, flaunt it with the help of a dental jewellery.

Dental jewellery cost is Rs. 3000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the cost of dental jewellery?

Dental jewellery cost is Rs. 3000. It depends on several factors including the number, quality, and size of the jewels and/or the materials used that vary by weight in price (from Gold to Silver). Once we know your desires and evaluate your smile we would be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of your customized Tooth jewellery.

Q.Is Dental jewellery permanent?

Tooth gems are exactly what they sound like: tiny jewels, usually just a few millimeters in size, applied to the tooth with an adhesive. The gems are temporary — there's no drilling involved — but permanent issues can arise if they are not installed properly.

Q.How long will the tooth jewellery last?

Tooth gems can last up to 6 to 24 months, depending on their style. Swarvoski Crystals, Brilliance Crystals and Shaped Crystals have better adhesion on the enamel by the special glue, hence last up to 24 months. Real Gold Charms and Real Diamonds have less adhesion due to their weight and can last up to 6 months. With extra care, they may last even longer. This period is different for each client, as it depends on the enamel levels of the tooth along with the aftercare of the gem. You can also have a jewel applied as a temporary enhancement that lasts from 1-6 weeks.

Q.How are the dental jewels applied?

The dental jewels are glued with a non-toxic, non-invasive dental glue and cured with UV light for extra bonding. UV protective goggles are provided to protect the eyes from UV Rays. All gems are 100% lead-free, painless & non-toxic. The treatment is reportedly painless and takes several minutes. Do not eat for one hour after the crystal is placed.

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